HW Championship. The story so far...

If you thought the lightweight championship was close, wait until you read about the Heavyweights! From the first 4 rounds, we have had 4 different winners! Sam Taylor took 1st at Round 1 at Llandow, new comer Andrew Warren stormed to victory in Round 2, another new entrant Kris Pugh took the spoils in Round 3 at the Herefordshire Raceway and Gareth Thomas came through the chaos of Round 4 at Llandow. However, despite not taking an overall victory, Graeme Thomas heads the field, due to his amazing consistency. Until you take the dropped round into account! If we apply this, then Gareth Thomas moves ahead of Graeme by just 4 points! And if that isn't close enough, Andrew Warren is only 2 points further back. 6 points cover the top 3. Jamie Higgins is just a further 10 points back, with Paul Butcher just behind him.

Round 5 sees a return to Supakart in Newport, where Andrew Warren dominated last time out. Gareth and Graeme Thomas both struggled there and is the scene for both of their dropped round scores so far. Jamie Higgins secured a podium last time in Newport and has seen an impressive improvement as the season unfolds. Kris Pugh and Sam Taylor are also race winners, looking to move up the rankings but have both missed two rounds, making their ascent to the top a little more challenging. Paul Butcher remains in striking distance of Jamie Higgins with Tom Simmonds, Jon Sparks and Michael Huish aiming to catch Paul. So with just 2 rounds left at Supakart and the full national circuit at Llandow, all is still to play for!


HW Standings after Round 4, including dropped score

1. Gareth Thomas 154

2. Graeme Thomas 150

3. Andrew Warren 148

4. Jamie Higgins 138

5. Paul Butcher 122

6. Tom Simmonds 110

7. Jon Sparks 106

8. Kris Pugh 106

9. Michael Huish 100

10. Sam Taylor 92

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