LW Championship. The story so far....

We now only have 2 rounds remaining of the 2019 RapiKart Racing League and the fight for the championship is starting to shape up nicely! Sam Parrant has established himself at the top of the leader board and clearly marked himself out as the person to beat. Sam has won 3 out of 4 LW races so far. A dramatic collision for the win at Round 4 in Llandow, showed that anything can happen in Motorsport and in the words of the great Murray Walker, "and it usually does!". This has brought Jason Boldero into play, who is just 8 points behind. James Cook will also be looking to capitalise, as he is just a further 12 points adrift after a strong showing at Llandow, finishing 2nd. Bryce D'Souza, elevated his chances with a 3rd place finish in Round 4.

Sam will be breathing a sigh of relieve as the 'dropped round' should help his quest for the title. There is still all to play for, as at least 4 drivers could still take the LW title. Round 4 at Llandow proved that the standard of driving has vastly increased over the course of the season. With a return to Supakart, RapiKart's only indoor venue, next up, it is a track that can mix up the grid. The finale of the 2019 season takes place back at Llandow, on the full national circuit!


LW Standings after Round 4, including dropped score

1. Sam Parrant 172

2. Jason Boldero 164

3. James Cook 150

4. Bryce D'Souza 132

5. Liam Evans 126

6. Jamie Davies 98

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