Calendar 2020

Round 1 

Carew Karting

11 July 2020

Round 3

Herefordshire Raceway

12 September 2020


Supakart, Newport

7 November 2020


Round 2

Herefordshire Raceway

15 August 2020

Round 4 

Daytona Milton Keynes

12 December 2020


Llandow National

5 December 2020

About Us

RapiKart Racing League allows kart racers of various abilities the chance to race in a competitive environment, at minimal cost. We are passionate about giving racers the chance to develop, or revisit their skills without the huge responsibility of being an owner driver, or the expense of some of the national racing championships. RapiKart encourages hobby karters, returning serious racers, or even rookies wanting to develop their race craft.


New for 2020, RapiKart has added to the existing Lightweight and Heavyweight Championships.

Rookie Cup

There will be a trophy awarded to the highest place Rookie in the 2020 Racing League at the end of the season.

Team Championship

For 2020, There will be 6 teams competing for the Team Championship. Each team will be drawn at random and feature the top 6 drivers from 2019 spread across each team. Then the 7th - 12th placed drivers will be drawn and the next 6. All new drivers or drivers that placed outside of the top 18 will be drawn or placed at random. 

Each team will score collective points at every round. The team at the end of the season with the most points will win a trophy.


Points will be awarded to all finishers by using the following sliding scale

  1. 60

  2. 56

  3. 54

  4. 52

  5. 50

  6. 48

  7. 46

  8. 44

  9. 42

Beyond this, points will continue to be allocated using the same pattern.


Karts will provided by the individual venues. These will be Honda single engine apart from Herefordshire Raceway who will provide Twin Engine karts.

Equipment (Helmets, Suits, etc) will be provided, although you are welcome to use your own.

The race format could change depending on venue but generally the format will be made up of Practice, Heats, and A/B Finals.


We try to encourage fair racing so will be running different weight categories simultaneously. As RapiKart grows, we plan to separate these into stand alone categories. For now, they will be combined. Each category is as follows:

  • Lightweights - Up to 79.99kg

  • Heavyweights - From 80kg 

All drivers will be weighed in full kit, excluding Helmet prior to racing.


Gareth J Thomas

Founder of RapiKart Racing League

With over 24 years of karting experience, my roots are from a local indoor karting championship that helped me develop from a complete novice, to an accomplished kart racer.

Since then I have competed all over the country, in multiple championships including Club 100, DMax and the RAF Karting Championships, picking up multiple race wins and podium finishes along the way.

With a busy way of life, my karting took a back seat. It was a shame to let all my experience go to waste. I wanted a fairly local, affordable and competitive championship, which helps bridge that gap between Arrive & Drive and Owner kart racing. With that basic idea, RapiKart Racing League was born, focusing on South Wales and Border Counties.

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